The company was born in the early 1970s at Montespertoli, a small village in the Florentine countryside, under the name of its founder, Maria Vittoria Creazioni in Pelle, and later became Maria Vittoria Srl. The 1970s was when leather was beginning to be widely used in the sartorial world, and Maria Vittoria’s intuition to place all her bets on this new combination of leather and tailoring was a stroke of genius. Maria Vittoria’s products met with favour first in Italy, and then conquered foreign markets thanks to the help of some of Florence’s most important buyers, including G.B.Giorgini, A.M.C., Ufficio Mazzoli and many others.
Maria Vittoria’s strength has always been craftsmanship, creating products 100% in in-house workshops, from the idea to production and quality control. Maria Vittoria drew her inspiration travelling, putting a part of her own essence into her collections - Maria Vittoria was a lady who made her profession a lifestyle, and it was this great passion, tenacity and research, together with her elegant and innovative style, that allowed the company to grow and consolidate through time. Maria Vittoria’s ideas are carried on today by her son Francesco, and are always the winning formula of this business. Latini Sartoriale brings together the tradition of craftsmanship of 100% Made in Italy leather, typical of the area, and innovation introduced by style research. The ceaseless quest for higher quality materials allows Latini Sartoriale to create leather clothing items with exceptional features. Style, comfort, strength, durability and elegance are the main features of a Latini leather item. Even now, all the phases of the production process: from the idea to the design, from the design to cutting and finally stitching and packaging, are carried out by the company. Thanks to this minute attention, the Latini Sartoriale leather items are recognised as Made in Italy excellence. Latini Sartoriale is a byword for style and quality, and hence the best choice for purchasing a product of exceptional make and high style.