Some hides are softer or harder, thicker or finer. The right kind of hide has to be chosen accurately for each sartorial item. This choice affects the stitching technique and final use of the item. Especially with a crafted leather product, stitching is a particularly difficult phase. The better the quality of the hide, the easier it will be to stitch it. The hardness of the hide, in fact, often makes the stitching phase difficult. Latini Sartoriale, besides using the best hides, selected with extreme care, also has tools for every need and people with great experience in sewing. This is why the leather items by Latini Sartoriale are appreciated in Italy and around the world.
Stitching in fact is a fundamental phase in transforming raw material into a finished product. Leather stitching is an art, and therefore needs expert hands. Latini Sartoriale guarantees excellent stitching thanks to the experience of people making the clothing item. Whether we are speaking of a leather jacket - for men or women - or a plain vest, stitches have to be made with fanatical attention, for the finished product to be perfect. Ability and manual skill are fundamental for making the stitches perfectly - they not only give value to the item, it is also they which set its features of strength and duration over time.
Buying a leather item calls for an accurate choice, depending on how we expect to use it. Latini Sartoriale proposes leather items which are distinguished by excellent quality, coming from the minute production processes they are put through right from the first stages. From the very moment in which the item is thought up and designed, fanatical attention is paid to every detail, because it is details which make the difference and make each item unique. The phase when materials are chosen is equally important. Choice of hides is fundamental for getting the right style and for matching different colours and types. Often, different materials are matched to give value to the product through complexity and proper production of the whole item.
Made in Italy is doubtless a synonym for quality, but it is not enough to obtain the prestige of a leather item like those made by Latini Sartoriale. What is needed are passion in working the leather and knowledge of the different kinds of hides, so as to choose the best for each idea, design or model of jacket, coat or other item.
Our leather items have become a must! In recent years, we are making increasing use of materials like fur, cashmere, wool and linen to enrich our collections. A few years ago, we obtained 100% Made in Italy certification, something we are incredibly proud of, it certifies our craftsmanship and our work done entirely in Italy, with Italian manufacture, which Maria Vittoria and her son always chose, despite the economic costs involved.
How do we make our items? Right from the start, Maria Vittoria has always believed in the sartorial nature of the product: this means making the model with a careful analysis, choosing the materials with infinite care, their excellent quality becomes an inescapable categorical imperative, attention to the cut of the leather, stitching of the item entrusted to skilled hands, care in quality control before shipping, and finally the arrival of the item at the boutiques of our customers. Our company makes products for a public of both men and women, using different materials and techniques.